Vesad s.r.o.

Production of Electronic Components.

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The production program VESAD, Ltd. offers the following assortment:
1)  Veškeré síťové transformátory toroidní.
2)  Veškeré síťové transformátory EI.
3)  Small transformers for PCB, power output 0,35 VA - 55 VA ( ČSN EN 61558-1).
4)  Toroid suppression power chokes and current compensated toroid chokes with ferrite or ferropowdered core, wire diameter 0,026 – 4,0 mm, core diameter 3 – 60 mm.
5)  Proudový senzor1-10A.
6)  Power resistors, power output till 1000 W.
7)  Self-bearing air-chokes, antennas, coils of various forms.
8)  Velké vzduchové samonosné cívky.
9)  Special applications according customer´s requirements.
10)  High frequency chokes on cylindric ferrite core, with horizontal or vertical construction.
11)   Assemblage, production and development of Printed circuit boards, using classical mounting or SMD.
12)  Electronic parts for automotive industry.
13)  Kabeláž na zakázku.
14)  Assemblage, production and completion of a wide spectrum of electronic components for various industry branches.
15)  High frequency chokes on cylindric ferrite core with axial or radial leads.
16)  Mechanické díly na zakázku.

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